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Our Mission
To enrich the social, economic, and environmental well-being of MILLIONS of daily commuters.  Click on the following 40 second video for a special greeting from our CEO.

Malcolm – CEO message

“Coreo’s logo signifies community, reliability, and safety, which is being designed into every aspect of our next App release in the fall of 2024. Creating highly reliable carpool troupes for co-workers and neighbors will provide round-trip certainty for riders like never before and make Coreo a community builder. In later app releases, we also plan to add a quantifiable Carbon Credit benefit for Coreo users.“

How It Works

Cost Savings
Enhanced Safety
Traffic Congestion Reduction
Environmental Benefits
Coreo’s “share-the-expense” carpooling platform allows App users to automatically coordinate their morning and afternoon commutes with co-workers and neighbors. With our choreographed carpooling technology, Coreo customers will enjoy reliable, convenient, and safe commutes like never before, while also reducing vehicle emissions and saving household income. Feed your family, not your gas tank!
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User Savings

“Share-the-expense” carpooling means users can recoup up to 60% of their solo driving costs through automatic in-App reimbursement between riders and driver. Based on driver and rider preferences, the Coreo App finds the best carpool match(es) and determines the proper cost recovery amount for each commute. This means Coreo users never have payment negotiating stress, and driver reimbursement is guaranteed. Our App will be free to download; and unlike ride-hailing companies, we only charge a small fee for each seamless Coreo commute.

Solo Commuting Annual Cost

Each Household

saves nearly  $ 4,000

per year

Coreo Trio - Annual Cost

Note: assumes each person commutes four times per week.  Brian/Alice’s costs are the average Canadian driver’s running costs for mid-size vehicle worth $53,500, excluding finance charges, and average fuel consumption of 11.3 L/100km. Samantha’s costs are for a smaller $35,000 gasoline car that gets 8.0 L/100km.  CO2e values based on one-way commute distance of 20km and a fuel cost of $1.50/litre. Assumed parking cost is $18/day/vehicle.

For Enterprise

Net zero climate strategy targets are now front and center for every corporation and government. These targets include the Scope 3 emissions from employees that commute to work. Despite these targets, both public transit and carpooling use for commuters have been in decline for years. We have developed Coreo to help organizations decrease their Scope 3 emissions, and materially increase the disposable income of their employees.

Coreo helps cities and organizations address their mobility and Scope 3 emission problems by offering a new category of commuting for workers: Real-Time, Choreographed Carpooling.

Helps verify Scope 3 commuter emission reductions for each corporation
Lowers employee stress and fatigue through less traffic congestion
Increased corporate productivity by enticing employees back to the office
Opportunity for employees to win rewards and share in verifiable carbon credit proceeds
About Us:
Together, we aim to create a network of partners committed to reducing congestion, lowering emissions, and enhancing the overall quality of urban transportation.
Malcolm Adams
Co-Founder and CEO
Vish Balyan
Chet Lamba
Fractional CTO
Oz Nazilli
Fractional CPO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is COREO?

COREO is a real-time carpooling app that matches drivers and passengers and performs the tax-free cost recovery transaction between passenger and driver. The app is free for people to download with only a small COREO matching fee charged to the passenger for each carpool commute taken. COREO automatically determines a fair level of trip reimbursement from passenger to driver for each commute, so users completely avoid awkward negotiating. COREO users enjoy a seamless transaction as the carpool reimbursement is handled within the app for each trip. Simply put, this means a reduction in running costs for drivers, a reduction in time and travel costs for the passenger and a meaningful reduction in vehicle emissions for the planet. We are passionate about providing an efficient and reliable new commuting mode for workers that is far less expensive than solo driving and far more convenient than public transit.

What is carpooling? What are the legal and insurance implications associated with carpooling/car sharing ?

Provincial carpooling law allows drivers to recover some of the costs of operating their vehicle by sharing one round trip per day with passengers, as long as the driver is not turning a profit. COREO’s cost recovery per trip pricing formulas make sure that it is always below the taxable cost recovery threshold. Personal vehicles used for the purposes of carpooling by the drivers are also not required to register as commercial vehicles. Your regular car insurance policy should cover you for carpooling since Canadian law allows one round-trip carpool trip per day without being considered a Commercial Driver. As carpooling falls under provincial legislation you’ll need to conform to your province’s laws (see the “Is carpooling legal in Canada” question for more information on provincial legislation). We suggest that all drivers check with their insurance company to ensure that no extra coverage is needed. We also suggest that any rush hours drivers that switch to full-time COREO passengers check with their insurance company to see if they can get their insurance rate lowered going forward.

How can I use the service? How do I set up an account?

Joining is simple, quick and completely free. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will take you through the Sign Up process. COREO is available to anyone 18 or older. If you wish to join as a driver then you will need a valid Provincial or Territory driving licence, vehicle details and your Bank Account details to receive funds. If you want to use COREO as a passenger, you can sign up with your personal information such as Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Email Address & Credit/Debit Card. Drivers please note that you can easily switch to being a passenger within the app as well.

What are the benefits of using COREO to commute?

Drivers and passengers each reduce their solo commuting costs by more than 40% and you will reduce your commuting carbon footprint by more than 50%. Passengers can reduce travel times and enjoy less commuter stress and feel great about reducing congestion, accidents and pollution. Drivers get more disposable income and engaging conversations to and from work. Helps to reduce parking problems. It’s a great way to make new neighborhood friends and building community.

What Steps Has COREO Taken to Keep Drivers and Passengers Safe?

Your safety is COREO’s top priority, and we’ve taken steps to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and secure, and that your COREO trips are as equally safe: COREO passengers are verified through email & mobile number, whereas COREO Drivers are verified further through driving license, facial verification matching and a KYC check done by payment partner Stripe. Transaction information is securely handled by Stripe. Cashless transactions using Stripe protects you from scams. Personal contact information is kept private. Driver and vehicle photos provide confirmation to each Passenger. Passenger photo provides confirmation to each Driver.

What are the costs of carpooling with COREO?

There are no fees to join COREO. The only time a Passenger is charged a fee is when they accept a carpool ride. The COREO App determines the amount of cost recovery transferred from the Passenger to the Driver for each carpool trip so that COREO users avoid awkward negotiations. Since COREO carpooling is all about splitting the cost of commutes between carpoolers, the App ensures that the maximum cost recovery per km to a Driver is at or below 62 cents per kilometer, which is the minimum published Government of Canada Automobile Allowance Rate for 2023. This could be modified annually based on the Government of Canada website Automobile allowance rates – Therefore, a carpool Driver is not making a profit, just recovering some of his or her daily commuting costs. The Total Passenger Trip Payment is comprised of the COREO Service Fee, including GST, plus the Driver Reimbursement Cost. Unlike a taxi business or ride-hailing company that is constantly looking to offer rides, there is no obligation for a COREO Driver, who is commuting to and from work, to offer a carpool ride and COREO does not guarantee there will be a ride for someone to share. There are also no surge pricing fees at peak time since COREO’s cost recovery formula is solely based on commuting distance. This pricing model also makes it simple and transparent for all involved. Passengers will only see the amount they are paying, and drivers will only see the amount they are receiving as reimbursement for the trip cost, which is why there is a difference in the price displayed on the passenger’s app and the driver’s app.

When can I share a commute?

Any commute to work is appropriate for sharing. The important thing to keep in mind is that carpooling legislation allows for one round trip carpool per day. Currently, COREO is focusing on the largest volume of solo driving, which is commuting to work since this is the greatest opportunity to reduce congestion, pollution and accidents for cities.

What is COREO’s refund policy?

If, for any legitimate reason, a trip is not completed successfully, COREO will facilitate a refund. Please contact customer service with the details of why you require a refund, and we will be happy to review your case.

What is COREO’s cancellation policy?

COREO is a community-oriented carpooling app and for the benefit of the community, there are no cancellation fees at this stage. COREO encourage community members to maintain high standards of ride offers and requests. COREO will monitor the reason and number of cancellations from both passengers and drivers which may mean changes to our cancellation policy in future. This is to ensure the best possible experience for all our users.

How to I print off my receipts?

Currently, users cannot print off receipts in-app, but upon each completed commute, both the driver and the passenger will receive emails containing the details of the commute.

What if I don’t have a car?

No problem. You don’t need a car to be a COREO passenger. Many of your driving neighbors will be eager to offer rides in exchange for splitting their commuting cost. Plus, you both gain a new neighborhood friend.

Are Drivers and Passengers rated?

Both drivers and passengers can rate each other one to five stars after a trip. Your rating should be based on the overall experience of the trip.

What happens if I have a driving licence issued outside of the province that I’m in?

When registering to become a COREO driver, the app will accept a valid driving licence from any Canadian province or territory as part of the verification process.

Will the COREO app include any tolls such as bridge crossing or motorway tariffs?

The app does not include any additional tariffs that may apply during the course of a commute. The Canada Revenue Agency rules for mileage do not include charges such as tolls and are designed to solely cover the running costs of the car.

Can I pay the driver in cash rather than using a debit or credit card?

No, our cashless carpool transaction system is designed to protect both of you. All carpool transactions for COREO trips are executed within the app at the beginning of a shared commute to ensure there is no risk that a driver is not reimbursed properly, and so both driver and passenger know the total cost of the ride before agreeing to it. COREO community members should never pay cash to share a ride with a COREO driver and tipping is never allowed since this is purely cost recovery for the driver. Also, COREO automatically calculates the reimbursement cost for each trip, so driver and passenger avoid the uncomfortable feeling of having to negotiate the ride cost.

Does COREO have a referral program?

We’d love for you to share our app with your friends and families, and can do so by using the “Refer Us” function from the main menu in the COREO app. This is not a formal referral program, and does not provide any additional benefits to users, but provides an easy way to grow your COREO troupe and help more people save money by using a sustainable transportation option.

Do I have to enable location services on my smart phone to use the COREO app?

Yes, you need to enable location services. The App uses current location as default to provide necessary details and availability of any vehicle.

Can I change my bank account details?

Yes. As a driver you can update your bank account details within the Settings section, when you’re in driver mode in the COREO app.

Can I offer a ride if I ride a motorcycle?

No, we currently only offer our carpooling app to drivers with cars or trucks.

What happens if I have an accident while I’m on a carpool trip?

Hopefully this won’t happen, but if an accident does occur you should follow the standard process by contacting the emergency services, obtaining witness statements, and liaising with your insurance company.

Can I travel with a pet?

At this time, pets are not allowed in the vehicle during a COREO trip.

What happens if there is more than one passenger?

If you are travelling with more than one person as passengers, you can specify the number of seats you require when requesting a ride and will be matched accordingly. In order to conform to Canada Revenue Agency rules, the total charge for the commute will not change as a Driver can only receive a maximum contribution towards the commute.

Can I take any luggage with me?

In the very unlikely event that you are taking luggage to work, we recommend that you ask the driver ahead of time that he or she will allow it.

What happens if I need to change my destination once I’ve been picked up?

Once a trip has started, the destination and cost cannot be changed as it is automatically applied in the COREO app. If for some reason a trip has started and there is a change in the destination, this is something both the driver and the passenger would need to agree upon, as well as agree upon any additional cost.
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